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The Hardest Book I've Ever Written

There are many types of writers in the world. They always ask if you're a ‘plotter' (outlining your book before you write it,) or if you're a pantser, (coming up with the book as you go along.) Ever since I was a kid, I've always been a plotter. I used to write outlines on my bedroom mirror with dry erase markers as I tried to come up with the elements that would eventually make up my books.

Now, I'm 23 and living in a small apartment that doesn't allow for large bedroom mirrors. I'm writing my seventh book. You'd think that the more you write, the easier it gets—well I've found it to be the opposite. The more I write, the more I expect to get out of the writing. When I was a kid I just wrote and had fun, I didn't have to worry about character development, character arcs, plot arcs, etc., etc. But that's not to say I've stopped having fun, on the contrary.

My latest undertaking started with one image; I could picture a young man sitting on a bench in a park, smoking. He was dressed fashionably, wearing a coat and bell-bottoms. He was very much a hippie. I knew immediately I wanted to write about him, and write a story set in the 1970s. This took me on the trip I've started on.

It's going to be a three-book series, so not just my seventh book, but eighth and ninth as well. I wanted to tackle a new genre, and while keeping it historical fiction, it would be a psych thriller—something I've never done before.

I began to dive into the history of the time period. I suppose that's what has made writing this book a challenge, as there's so much to know—The Vietnam War and what led up to it. But not only Vietnam but JFK as he was an integral piece to what started the war. While my book deals with the conspiracy, its more in-depth than just a conspiracy but rather the plot that lies behind it.

Since I don't have a large bedroom mirror, I taped up pieces of paper to the wall and began a mind map of the history of JFK and his assassination. The hardest part with the JFK assassination is that for every piece of evidence, about 100 people are trying to discredit it. The Warren Commission isn't feasibly possible, but then again, there about a million other alternatives to what really happened. Sifting through them to find the most "reasonable" answer has proved difficult as I've begun this researching process. Even in these beginning stages, the rough draft of the outline for my book has changed at least ten times! I've realized that I've had to come up with an overview of the JFK history/assassination before I can begin coming up with an outline for the book, and thus start writing.

Anyway, though this book is only just beginning, I'm so excited to be writing it, and I can't wait to share it. As the writing gets underway, I'll be sharing excerpts from it—soon!

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