• emmabriedis

The Angels Envy Us

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

Under satin flowers painted on record sleeves

Lie hidden smiles of our lost fantasies,

As we ran along beaches of soft, white sand

With our clothes forsaken, gripping each other’s hand.

We did not think of the future, but let it be

For deeper seas I’ve never seen than when you looked back at me

With a crook of your head and a bashful smile,

You held me under skies of ebony

But the darkness could not touch us

For we would watch the stars above us gleam

Below us, the water touched our toes

When the cymbals crashed, your face would glow

But now, cigarette smoke grits between my teeth,

As I think of our memories, now long-off dreams

And I smile despite my wrinkled face,

Cause even then, the angels envied us.

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