Hi, I’m Emma.


Having grown up in a small town in rural Wisconsin, my imagination flourished as a child. I devoured all kinds of books—from history books to classic works like The Lord of the Rings. At thirteen I read the book that changed my life, Les Miserables. That’s when I began to feel an itch—an itch that grew into a passion. I had to write a book of my own.


Where Demons Dance is my debut novel. I have already written several books in a wide variety of genres, ranging from fantasy to romance, and from historical fiction to psychological thrillers. I hope to publish all of them in due time! I am an independent author and in 2018 established my publishing company, Silver Hammer Press, LLC.


Writing is my escape. I’ve always been able to “write in my head”—to plot out and envision scenes much like you’d replay a movie scene in your mind and then go back and write it down later.


Apart from writing, I have a deep love of history, specifically the 19th and 20th centuries, and do research whenever I can. I can sometimes get lost in another time period. I love music and collect vinyl records. (Yes, The Beatles are my favorite.) My dog, Chewie, never leaves my side and he makes a great dance partner!